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Environmental zoning- Amazon Forest Reserve (Law 2 of 1959) Results

The Amazon Forest Reserve Zone was created through the Second Law of 1959, established by the following geographical limits: starting from Santa Rosa de Sucumbíos, on the border with Ecuador, heading Northeast, up to the highest hill of the Picos de la Fragua; from there, following a line, 20 kilometers west of the Eastern Cordillera to Alto de Las Oseras, from there in a straight line, for its shortest distance, to the Ariari River, and through this until its confluence with the Guayabero River or the Guaviare, which continues downstream to its river mouth in the Orinoco; then you follow the border with Venezuela and Brazil, until you find the Amazon River, following the southern border of the country, to the starting point. (Republic of Colombia, 1959).

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