100K Land Cover Map It's ready! Check the land cover map at a scale 1: 100,000 of 2020 View More View Map Banner Coberturas 2021 Land cover 100K Progress in the reinterpretation of 51'905.108 ha of the 2022 land cover map. View More ha
Land cover area reinterpretation to

MoSCAL MoSCAL View More Compliance monitoring module for local forest conservation agreements
ha Area associations
Puntos de calor Amazonia colombiana Hotspots Daily active fire data (including an approximate location of a detected hotspot) in the Colombian Amazon.
View More Hotspots detected in

Cicatrices de quema Amazonia colombiana Burning scars
Footprints that remain on the land after a fire View More Burning scars area detected in



Platform that the SINCHI Institute uses to manage environmental data for the Colombian Amazon.


Information related to the environmental ordering process of the Colombian Amazon territory in terms of legal status of the territory and the regulations associated with each category


Colombian Amazon Land Cover Change Monitoring System

SIMCOBA generates land cover information from visual interpretation of high resolution satellite imagery with remote sensing



The Geoportal consists of a set of tools for the visualization, analysis, and modelling of Geographical Information on the Colombian Amazon.

Open Data

Applications for downloading georeferenced information in different formats.

Vista Hermosa Portal

You can find the Vista Hermosa Portal of the SINCHI institute.

Mapas de Interés

En este servicio podrá descargar mapas generados en el SIATAC en formatos PDF y JPG tamaño carta.

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