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Territorial Environmental Information System of the Colombian Amazon

What is SIAT-AC?

SIAT-AC is a process, in which a set of actors (institutions) establish agreements, with common objectives around the management of environmental information in the Colombian Amazon (agreements: conceptual, organizational, technical (data infrastructure, methodologies, protocols ), and technological (information networks, telecommunications, access), organized as a network of people and entities, to support decision-makers in regional processes to achieve sustainable development with data and information products.

It is equally valid to define the SIAT-AC as the Environmental Information System SIAC Colombia, developed at the regional level of the Colombian Amazon.



SIAT-AC network

  • It facilitates the development of coordinated actions.
  • It guarantees the availability of data and information.
  • It promotes visibility and access to data and information quickly and update.
  • It contributes to visualizing the knowledge about local uses and knowledge.
  • It facilitates evaluation and decision making.
  • Expand your knowledge of the events that occur in the region.
  • It promotes the self-management of the territory based on local and regional development.

Roles and Actors

SIAT-AC actors are classified into involved, interested parties and general public (Based on the “Inter-institutional management strategy for the implementation of the Biodiversity Information System, Alexander von Humboldt Institute. Bogotá. Franco, X. & JC Bello. 2004 ), taking into account their roles and responsibilities in the processes of generation, analysis and use of environmental data and information and their role as part of the SINA National Environmental System in the Colombian Amazon region.

The actors involved are the participants who have the responsibility of generating, managing and using data and environmental information at the regional level or who participate directly in the conformation and coordination of the Territorial Environmental Information System for the Colombian Amazon SIAT-AC or its established subsystems.

The SIAT-AC actors includes the Sinchi Amazonian Scientific Research Institute, the region's sustainable development corporations (CDA, Corpoamazonia, Cormacarena) and the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development-MAVDT. The entities invited to the conformation and coordination of the SIAT for the Colombian Amazon are the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute IAVH, the Geographical Institute "Agustín Codazzi" IGAC, the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies IDEAM, the Unit Special Administrative Office of the System of National Natural Parks UAESPNN and the Academy as a knowledge-generating entity.

The interested parties are direct users of the data and the environmental information generated in the region, they do not have the responsibility of generating or managing said information and they are not responsible for the conformation of the Territorial Environmental Information System for the Colombian Amazon SIAT-AC or its subsystems. established.

To this group belong the Governors, Mayors, Universities and research groups, non-governmental organizations, as well as social and grassroots organizations.

People who do not have a specific interest in environmental data and information, but can make use of the information products that are generated; These people do not seek to access information resources, but they could take advantage of them if they reached their environment.

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