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SIAT-AC Objectives

Sistema de Información Ambiental Territorial de la Amazonia Colombiana


Facilitate the environmental management of the Amazon through the capture, organization, processing and agile supply of the information available for this purpose.


Be an integrating system that will become in the next years the pillar of environmental management at the regional level and the model to be followed at the national level.


The main objective is to contribute from the management of environmental information to the generation of knowledge, decision-making and social participation for the management of sustainable development of the Colombian Amazon through the following specific objectives:

  • Contribute so that the processes of occupation in the Amazon territory are environmentally and socially sustainable.
  • Organize and properly dispose of environmental information to support regional and national processes that affect the Colombian Amazon (CA). Processes such as: policy design, research, development, education, production and extraction of natural resources, environmental monitoring, environmental management, construction of a vision of the region.
  • Design and establish a network of institutions and people operating under agreements around the management of environmental information.
  • Promote the permanent assurance of environmental data of the Colombian Amazon managed by SINA entities.
  • Facilitate access to environmental information on the Colombian Amazon for all audiences.
  • Adapt, adopt or develop standards, protocols, technological solutions and processes for the capture, generation, processing, flow, dissemination and administration of the information generated from the Colombian Amazon.
  • Respond to the demands for environmental information in the Colombian Amazon.
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